creatif color bundle

Frequently Asked Questions

Colors stay vivid for a week before needing to add more color. The reason being is because of it's natural ingredients. Our dye was designed to coat and moisturize your hair follicles.

Creatif Color dye incorporates Aloe Vera in it's formula. This is to ensure your hair is moisturized after use. We do encourage to continue your normal moisturizing routine.

It washes out with your favorite shampoo!

We do not encourage the use of heat on our product due its ingredients.

Creatif Color works on all hair types!

Unfortunately, we do not. However, we will be making announcements on our socials when we do! Stay up to date with us on instagram @CreatifColorClub. Sign up for our newsletter and receive emails on new releases and special discounts.

Watch our video below for tips and tricks on how to apply!