Styling Your Summer Curls

go get em green and boisterous blue

Curly hair is always in– it's a way of life! What we can do is keep our curls with the latest trends! Looking to switch up soon? We got you! Here are some of the top trends for styling your curls this summer: 

gimme gold

Curly Mullet 

The classic mullet look is back in style and this time – with curls! This trend is from the ‘80s but starts like Miley Cyrus and Rihanna are rocking this style in 2021.  


gimme gold

Curly Top Knot 

We can never go wrong with an updo! This classic look can be styled after a swim or styled a bit more formal for an evening date.  


gimme gold

Curly Curtain Bangs 

The most popular look this year – PLUS CURLS! It’s like this look was made for those with curly hair. Curtain bangs work for every type of face shape. 


gimme gold

Add in Hair Clips 

This summer heat is no joke! Having curly hair in your face is not ideal. Adding clips to hold your hair back in the front is a look that has us heart eyed! Pick your favorite color and size clips and style it back! 


go get 'em green

Color It Up 

Summer vibes = bring on the color! Adding your favorite color to your curls will make them stand out even more! We know you cherish your hair, so it’s only fitting that you use products that keep your hair healthy. Head to and pick your favorite color and jump on the hair color trend! 


Nothing is perfect, but your curls can be! 

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