Cut These Out for Fuller, Healthier Hair ✂

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But having healthier hair isn’t just about how you treat it and what you give it. It’s also about what you don’t do.

Because while it's easy to focus on what we CAN and SHOULD do to make our locks more luxurious and luscious, we should also take note of what might be hindering our progress.

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If you know your hair isn’t reaching its max potential, it could be one or more of these culprits below. 


  • Stress: Oh, the silent killer and the invisible hair destroyer. Stresscan wreak havoc on a healthy head of hair. Do your best to identify it is cause and eliminate it  For the sake of your peace and hair’s potential. 


  • An Imbalanced Diet: If your hair is breaking or thinning it could be theresult of protein-deficiency. Or nutrient-deficiency altogether. Whatever the case, maintaining a balanced lifestyle (food, exercise, sleep), helps strengthen your hair and health overall. Eat right and your hair will love it. 


  • Too Much Alcohol: No, we are not coming for your wine or favorite cocktail 🍹.We are just saying, your follicles do not like it so much and it will show. Alcohol negatively affects the strength and thickness of your hair. It also dehydrates you. So, if you’ve been drinking a little more lately, try to cut back or reduce your intake. Your hair will thank you! 


If these criteria don’t fit you but you’re still noticing hair damage or loss, consider if you’re taking any new medications or have been using any new products.


Often, it’s something we don’t immediately recognize. 

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While the list above is filled with tangible things you can let go of, the biggest thing to let go of is judgement and criticism of yourself and your hair. Many of these things are temporary and with time, they can improve. 



So, enjoy the process and continue to learn from mistakes and grow through it. 



To happy and healthy hair! 


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